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Tesla Model S dominates luxury sedan segment in the US

Tesla Model S

Back in 2013, we noted that the Tesla Model S was already outselling competing cars from legacy automakers – it took the number two spot in the large luxury sedan segment, an impressive feat for what was then a new model from a startup company.

Three years later, the flagship EV has achieved total domination in its class – the Model S is by far the best selling large luxury sedan in the US market. For the third quarter of 2016, sales are up 59% over the same quarter last year, increasing an already sizable lead, according to figures Tesla provided to Bloomberg.

In Q3 2016, Model S sold 9,156 units, almost double the tally for its nearest competitor. Bloomberg’s article did not list the Cadillac XTS, which is the model that was beating Model S back in 2013, but Left-Lane.com tells us that the Caddy sold 5,138 units in Q3 2016. In the number three and four spots, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class moved 4,921 and the newly updated BMW 7-Series did 3,634.

“The numbers do show that electric cars are progressing and continuing to gain in popularity,” said BMW spokesman Kenn Sparks. “That’s ultimately good for us all.”

Of course, the luxury sedan segment represents only a small slice of the 17 million cars and trucks sold in the US last year. But if Tesla’s upcoming Model 3, which Bloomberg places in the “entry-level luxury class,” can replicate its big sister’s success…


Source: Bloomberg

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