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Renault 5 EV test mules undergo endurance testing and fine-tuning

Renault is testing the first nine prototypes of the new Renault 5 EV, which it will release in 2024. 

Alternating between static and dynamic fine-tuning and endurance testing, the mules are being put through their paces in low-grip ice and snow conditions in Arvidsjaur (Swedish Lapland) as well as average-to-high grip conditions at the Renault technical centers in Lardy in the greater Paris area and Aubevoye in Normandy.

The upcoming Renault 5 EV will be underpinned by the company’s all-new CMF-B EV platform, which utilizes 70% of the parts featured on the CMF-B platform used for internal combustion engine (ICE)-powered models Clio and Captur. Compared to ZOE—the company’s other EV—the CMF-B EV platform is 30% cheaper to manufacture.

The new modular platform is easier to make and develop to optimize the performance of next-generation B-segment EVs, according to the company. The company can create a new generation of EVs with adjustable tracks and wheelbase to allow for different body types and styles.

The CMF-B EV platform’s engine compartment is more compact because the parts used for an electric motor are smaller than those used on an ICE. The electric motor on the future Renault 5 EV will be based on the electrically excited synchronous motor used primarily in the ZOE and Megane E-Tech EVs, which offers better output than a permanent-magnet motor and does not require any rare-earth metals.

The Renault 5 engine will be roughly 20 kg (44 pounds) lighter than the ZOE’s engine. The battery will follow suit by shedding another 15 kg (33 pounds) by switching to four large single-layered modules compared to the ZOE’s 12 modules.

“Tests being carried out on rolling chassis prototypes will help us confirm decisions made in terms of comfort and handling on the upcoming Renault 5 electric,” said Jérémie Coiffier, Head of Engineering for the company’s EV segment.

Source: Renault


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