Nissan North America’s EV Director, Brendan Jones, joins NRG EVgo

Brendan Jones NRG EVgo

After more than 20 years with Nissan, Brendan Jones has joined NRG EVgo to help the company with its aggressive rollout of DC fast charger infrastructure. Most recently at Nissan, he served as Director of Electric Vehicle Sales and Infrastructure Deployment.

Charged has interviewed Jones several times over the past four years, and his passion for the burgeoning EV industry was always apparent – particularly when compared to some other less EV-enthused automotive execs.

“Last year at Nissan we sold more than 30,000 LEAFs in the US, which was a fantastic accomplishment,” Jones told us during an interview for the newest issue of Charged. “I feel that the next level for EVs is building the premier national DC fast charging network. This is an accomplishment that is aimed at serving not just one OEM, but all EVs into the future.”

“As the number and type of vehicles available in the EV marketplace continues to grow and expand, barriers to EV adoption shrink, and consumers’ biggest questions about range and aesthetics are fewer and fewer. Then, eventually, all concerns regarding range are resolved. That makes a fast, reliable network the most important piece of the puzzle.”


Image courtesy of NRG EVgo

  • Electric Bill

    I live in Los Angeles, and wish it was easier to find a public charging station here. There are a few on the USC campus, but you have to pay for parking which is expensive, and even then the demand is greater than the supply. AAA’s big main office has two charging stations, but it is only 9-5 weekdays, and several AAA employees have EVs and so they are not likely to be available.

    The museums have chargers, but you have to pay $10 for parking, they tried to chase me off when they realized I wasn’t going to be spending more money on museum tickets, and they eventually chased me off anyway on the grounds that I was “soliciting” by talking to a family of tourists about my EVs, when they came back to their car after their museum visit. I did not force myself on them! They could have left, but instead stuck around to ask me questions and even offered me a sandwich (politely declined) and some chilled bottled water (ahhh) they had brought with them. Certainly that is a place that is not a good option if you need electrons… won’t be going back there even to see their dinosaurs… uggh.

    I don’t know how serious the mayor is when he talks about installing charging stations on street lights… that sounds innovative and common sense… but his performance record on other issues leaves me wondering if that was just idle talk. I hope not!

    I see Teslas nearly every day around here, and even saw two in less than a minute driving down the street. There are lots of Fiat 500’s, Volts, Leafs, and EV conversions like my own… as soon as we see more charging stations, we’re bound to see more people wanting to buy EVs and hybrids.

    Whoever is willing to start installing charging stations here, I’ll do what I can to help them along. We must starve the terrorists of the funding they get from OPEC. We have to get serious about squeezing off our dependency on foreign oil if we are to have peace here and abroad… there is a direct relationship between the two.

  • DaveinOlyWA

    what a shocker! hope he can get them on track because they are a MESS!