NEVS/Evergrande acquires motor maker Protean Electric


Evergrande Health subsidiary National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) has acquired in-wheel motor technology company Protean Electric.

Founded in 2008, Protean Electric prioritized the development of its ProteanDrive in-wheel motor technology, which combines power electronics and a direct-drive electric motor. The company holds over 160 patents on electric motors and power electronics design, control and production.

Protean Electric will operate independently under the Evergrande umbrella.

Protean CEO Ky Chan says, “This agreement will enable Protean Electric to fulfill its global potential and do so more rapidly. This acquisition will aid Protean Electric in establishing a strategic advantage in the new energy and mobility markets and bring in new expertise. Evergrande is a well-established and ambitious business, determined to make a mark in the clean mobility arena across the world.”

Source: Protean Electric

  • freedomev

    Another sucker I see. Basic physics says you can’t make these light enough to be viable.

    • Bertrand Samson

      Uh ! Each Electric motor wheel has 100 horse power .The computer regulates speed between each wheel. You need a damper or it will go to fast.

      • freedomev

        LOL!! That is why they suck, they have to be so powerful, too heavy unsprung weight just to start up a hill without gearing, the controlling spec.
        You only go fast if you feed it the correct voltage, current, timing which is not near perfect for that motor, it goes nowhere, much less fast.

        • Stuart51

          More than one way to skin a cat.

  • yulong zhu

    Still not mature enough for practical usage. Evergrande is a land agent, but they purchased several vehicle related corporations, Chinese pepople also don’t know what they can bring for the EV. In China, all the automaker still are developing the normal driveline for the EV by using the center-layout motors, axle motors, wheel edge driving motor, etc., not the in-wheel motors.