Momentum Dynamics installs 200 kW wireless charging system for buses

Momentum Dynamics has installed a 200-kilowatt wireless charging system to support electric transit buses in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The new charging system, which became operational in June, is inside the Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) Shuttle Park and automatically charges electric buses as they load and unload passengers.

The system is Momentum Dynamics’ second in the US – in April, it installed a system in Wenatchee, Washington. The company will install several other wireless charging systems in the US this year, and has multiple installations planned for Europe in 2019.

The Momentum charging system is installed in the roadway, and allows buses to be recharged multiple times per day during their scheduled stops, enabling essentially unlimited driving range.

“Through the partnership with Momentum Dynamics and BYD, our new electric buses charge fast, efficiently and run emissions-free all day,” said Lisa Maragnano, Executive Director of CARTA.

“Limited driving range is regarded as the key roadblock to the adoption of electric vehicles,” said Momentum’s CEO Andrew Daga. “To replace fossil-fuel buses with electric buses, an alternative to overnight plug-in charging must be used to allow for extended operations.  On-route wireless charging allows an electric bus to drive any route in any city with unlimited driving range.”


Source: Momentum Dynamics 

  • Stuart McColl

    Absolutely no useful information from this article … like true efficiency of the system. This system has been installed in Wenatchee since April 2018 … but no efficiency #s have been published anywhere for that system. Without an efficient system … it’s all smoke and mirrors … or like a Sasquatch sighting where all you have is a grainy picture … and a lot of emotion. Let’s see some numbers audited by certified by an accounting expert … not a company insider who is late on his house payment. Bring the clarity ! Thanks.

    • Scott Endler

      Very good point. Also, What is the size, weight, and cost of such a (undocumented) large wireless charging system. Why not just have the driver plug in when stopped. Which might actually make it to 200kW.

    • stuart21

      if its 90% efficient, thats 20 KW of ‘latent smoke’ – would be good to know %age.

  • eDrive

    Oh, this happens in USA?

    I wonder, because Mr. President likes to push the internal combustion transportation and the connected industries. That’s how he like to push the economic to be a great president. Climate change is wrong and ten electric transportation is so quiet, that doesn’t fit to his loud attitude.
    But go on, electric transportation is already present everywhere and internal combustion engines are outdated.