Fortum to build wireless charging infrastructure for electric taxis in Oslo

Finnish utility company Fortum is working with the city of Oslo and US-based Momentum Dynamics to build a wireless fast-charging infrastructure for taxis in the Norwegian capital.

The project aims to install wireless charging using induction technology that can handle power levels up to 75 kW. The company plans to install charging plates in the ground where taxis routinely park.

As part of its EV charging program, Charge & Drive, Fortum has worked with the taxi industry to spur electrification of taxis. The company says that, for taxi drivers, finding a charger, plugging in, and waiting is simply too time-consuming. Fortum hopes the wireless fast-charging project will solve this issue.

Annika Hoffner, Head of Fortum Charge & Drive, said, “We will install the wireless chargers at taxi stands, such as the one at the Oslo Central Station. Taxis will be able to drive up to the charger and a wireless charging session will automatically start. This allows the taxis to charge in a place where they would anyway be waiting for new customers. The difference is that they won’t be emitting exhaust while waiting, instead they will be receiving renewable energy to charge the taxi’s battery.”

Source: Fortum


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