Fiat selects AeroVironment as its preferred charging station provider

Fiat has selected AeroVironment (NASDAQ:AVAV) as the preferred provider and installer of home charging stations for its new 500e.  Fiat is the fifth EV manufacturer to choose AeroVironment as its home charging partner. To date, the company has deployed more than 12,000 charging stations in North America.

The Fiat-branded, UL-listed Level 2 charging station can charge the 500e in four hours or less, using a 240-volt circuit and a standard SAE J1772 connector. It can be installed indoors or outdoors. AeroVironment’s licensed electricians perform on-site installation, and buyers can bundle the cost of the charger and installation with the car purchase at the Fiat dealership.

“By choosing AeroVironment as its one-stop solution for home charging, Fiat has given us yet another opportunity to demonstrate that electric driving can be easy,” said AeroVironment Senior VP Wahid Nawabi. “Having your own auto refueling station right in your garage or driveway gives EV drivers a new kind of freedom. It makes charging your car as easy as charging your cell phone, and it’s much less expensive than gasoline. We are dedicated to developing more ‘gotta have’ charging products that will make refueling even easier as more EVs hit the roadways.”

Source: AeroVironment


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