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Electric motor impregnation specialist Tecnofirma expands to US with opening of North Carolina facility

Tecnofirma, a maker of impregnation machines for electric motors, has opened a new American branch in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company now has four different global branches, located in the most strategic areas for its market.

The Charlotte facility includes a well-equipped laboratory to validate technical cycles based on customer needs, as well as a spare parts warehouse that provides immediate availability of critical components and offers a dedicated hot-line service.

Tecnofirma boasts over 70 years of experience in surface treatment, and is now moving into the e-mobility market. The company will exhibit its products at the upcoming Battery Show North America, September 12-24 in Novi, Michigan.

Impregnation of the copper windings and coils in electric motor rotors and stators provides secondary insulation, increases mechanical stability, improves heat dissipation, and adds protection from humidity, dirt and chemicals. Impregnation can greatly improve the efficiency and durability of a motor.

Tecnofirma offers a wide range of solutions for the insulation of windings, including both traditional and hairpin winding. The company works with customers to develop the best impregnation technology and method for a particular application. “An incorrect method or insufficient impregnation can considerably shorten the working life of your electric motor,” notes the company.

Source: Tecnofirma


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