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Details of Tesla Roadster battery upgrade coming soon

Tesla Roadster charging

Tesla has a couple of Christmas presents for those of little faith who have been getting impatient for a couple of goodies promised for this year. A prototype battery-swapping station should be up and running within days, and details of the Roadster battery upgrade are to be released soon.

“Roadster update details coming next week,” Elon Musk tweeted. “Several crisis issues [with] higher priority pushed this out longer than expected.”

In a July interview, Musk told Auto Express that Tesla would offer a “new-generation battery pack” with “a range of about 400 miles.”

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This would make the Roadster, some 2,500 of which have been sold, the world’s longest-range production EV, and might partially compensate for the fact that, unlike Model S, the Roadster does not offer DC fast charging capability (Tesla has not discussed the possibility of adding that feature).

There’s been no word as to what the cost of the battery upgrade will be, but Green Car Reports predicts that it will be over 10 grand.                               


Source: Twitter/Elon Musk via Green Car Reports
Image: Jurvetson/flickr


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