BMW Digital Charging Service optimizes charging to minimize costs and maximize solar

BMW Digital Charging Service

Recognizing that smart charging is the wave of the future, BMW i has introduced its new Digital Charging Service (DCS), which it calls an “intelligent service for predictive, convenient, cost-effective and green power-optimized charging.”

DCS is designed to carry out the charging process independently and autonomously. Its two core functions are tariff-optimized and solar-optimized charging. Tariff-optimized charging aligns the charging plan to the customer’s electricity cost, automatically charging at the lowest available rates. Solar-optimized charging is aligned to a domestic photovoltaic system. DCS predicts available solar power based on the weather forecast and establishes a charging plan.

Along with DCS, BMW i is launching two additional Wallbox home chargers, which can now handle three-phase charging levels up to 22 kW. The top-of-the-range Wallbox Connect can record the amount of electricity delivered separately for each vehicle, and export the data to track charging costs.

The new service will be offered on a pilot basis in Germany and the Netherlands in early 2017.



Source: BMW


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