Billionaire Carlos Slim to launch a made-in-Mexico EV

Mexico Flag (Nicolas Raymond - CC BY 2.0)

Giant Motors, part of the business empire of Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helu, is developing a made-in-Mexico EV, and plans to launch it commercially next year, Forbes Mexico reported.

Giant Motors will design the new vehicle, and will manufacture it in a joint venture with Moldex, a subsidiary of giant Mexican bread maker Grupo Bimbo. The company plans to seek government funding and collaboration for the project.

Giant expects to reveal a working prototype late this year, and bring the new EV to market in 2018, initially introducing it as a taxi in Mexico City. The company recently announced a $215-million alliance with Chinese automaker JAC Motors to manufacture vehicles in Mexico’s state of Hidalgo.

“We are developing a new Mexican electric vehicle that will not only be assembled [in Mexico], but also designed and modeled to meet the needs of Mexican consumers,” Elías Massri, Giant Motors’ CEO for Latin America told Forbes Mexico.


Source: Forbes
Image: Nicolas Raymond (CC BY 2.0)

  • gizmowiz

    Well hopefully it will cut down on those leaving Mexico for America.

  • Qrolog

    America is the whole continent……The United States is just one country among the others….

  • Electric Bill

    OMG… this is TERRIBLE… now all the Mexicans Trump is trying to evict will be leaving on their OWN, putting thousands of ICE agents out of work, which will make Trump look soooo badddd… Trump will double down on his beloved wall, to keep them here to work the farm fields and construction sites— what a tragedy.

    So sorry for the Trumpster! But, ever so good for Mexicanos seeking well-paying, prestigious jobs that will go a long way to overcoming the terrible smog problem in Mexico City! OLE! TY, Señor Slim!