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Altilium Metals accelerates development of planned EV battery recycling facility

UK-based Altilium Metals plans to step up development of its future EV battery recycling plant, following a six-month feasibility study funded in part by the UK government’s Automotive Transformation Fund and the successful demonstration of the company’s technology at its new analytical laboratory in Devon.

According to Altilium, the study, conducted in collaboration with Hatch consultancy, forecasts that by 2030 the UK will require 150,000 tonnes of cathode active materials (CAM) per year for the production of batteries needed to power EVs made in the UK. “Currently, refining is predominantly carried out in Asia,” said Altilium CEO Kamran Mahdavi, “but going forward, it will be crucial to produce these critical metals in the UK.”

The new plant, says Altilium, will be able to annually process 50,000 tonnes of lithium-ion battery black mass, equivalent to about 150,000 EVs. It will also handle a mix of  LCO, LFP and NMC battery chemistries, and be able to process primary nickel-cobalt mixed hydroxide precipitate. The company adds that the facility’s annual production rates will be 95,000 metric tonnes of battery precursors and 30,000 metric tonnes of CAM for direct reuse in new cell production. 

Source: Altilium Metals

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