ADOMANI to sell Lion Bus electric school buses in Western US states


California-based ADOMANI and Quebec-based bus manufacturer Lion Bus have announced a new dealership relationship. ADOMANI will be the exclusive dealer of electric eLion buses in the states of Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington.

The eLion TM4 electric motor provides equal power to the equivalent legacy diesel, and delivers a range of 50, 75 or 100 miles, depending on the battery configuration.  A standard on-board telematics system provides real-time data to end users and Lion’s customer service team.

“School districts across the nation are increasingly looking to replace traditional older diesel-powered school buses with zero-emission vehicles that improve air quality, reduce fuel and service costs, and benefit general community health,” said Jim Reynolds, CEO of ADOMANI. “Having the opportunity to scale quickly and provide for increased demand for electric school buses by providing new, purpose-built vehicles from a premier manufacturer like Lion Bus will allow us to give school district managers the opportunity to immediately begin upgrading their fleets.”



  • John J. McAvoy

    Why can’t they market conversions for these yellow boxes?

    • Ramon A. Cardona

      These are “conversions” of school busses. However, since chassis design has to make room for batteries and other components, to strip and old bus is not cost effective. A company on Kentucky, however, does shuttle bus conversions as these are easier. Cheers!

  • Michael B

    Perfect name, Lion… what a coincidence! 🙂

  • Vincent Wolf

    I won’t be happy until every vehicle in the world is electric.

    • Electric Bill

      We all would love to have such quiet and efficient roadways, but you can be sure there will be a few Luddites and nostalgics that will want to continue to drive ICE cars, regardless of how expensive, cumbersome and backward it might become. Just as there will always be the Jay Lenos of the world fondly displaying their Stanley Steamers, there will always be Hupmobiles, Duesenbergs, Nashes, DeSotos and DeLoreans. I welcome such a day— when ICE cars are nothing more than museum pieces.

    • Boogs182

      Then you will never be happy……there are other technologies to support clean driving which are not electric (many years away) – all BEV world is myopic