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Has Lexus seen the electric light? New UX 300e electric crossover to debut in selected markets this year

Many auto brands can be described as EV laggards, but Lexus has gone beyond that, and positioned itself as an active EV opponent. Although Lexus has been producing a wide range of hybrids for years, it has aired not one, but at least two ad campaigns that ridicule plug-in vehicles. A third campaign made such… Read more »

Tesla says its new Terafactory will be producing Model Y by the end of this year

Tesla may have decided on the site of its anticipated Cybertruck plant, and it intends to waste no time. Electrek, citing “a reliable source familiar with the matter,” reports that the next Tesla Gigafactory (excuse me, make that “Terafactory”) will be built in the vicinity of Austin, Texas. (The AP is reporting that the list… Read more »

VW ID.4 already in production, will be about the size of Tesla Model Y, sell for $40k

Volkswagen’s ID.3 will be a milestone vehicle—the company’s first EV based on the new MEB platform. Unfortunately, deliveries have been delayed by software problems, and are now expected to take place in a big batch this summer. It’s also unfortunate that VW has no plans to sell the small electric hatch in North America, but… Read more »

New buses deployed in the EU are still 85% diesel

Last year, 85% of all new medium- and heavy-duty buses (over 3.5 tons) registered in the European Union were fueled by diesel, according to the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association, a trade group that represents 16 major European car, truck and bus makers. “Alternatively-powered vehicles” (including natural gas, hybrid and electric) combined accounted for 15% of… Read more »

California proposes to enact zero-emission mandate for commercial vehicles

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has released the final draft of the Advanced Clean Trucks standard. The latest proposal, which is stronger than previous drafts, is the first in the nation that would create a zero-emission mandate for trucks. The proposed rule would require automakers to sell a certain percentage of zero-emission trucks each… Read more »

Colorado adds medium- and heavy-duty vehicles to its electrification plans

Governments around the world are pursuing policies to speed up EV adoption, but most are piecemeal—a purchase incentive here, an investment in EVSE there. California and the UK are among the few entities that are developing comprehensive plans to electrify all forms of transport. The Centennial State is moving closer to that ideal, and is… Read more »