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Sensata expands EV portfolio with purchase of Sendyne

Global electronics firm Sensata has acquired New York-based Sendyne. “Sendyne enables us to deliver a more comprehensive electrification product portfolio, and will help drive our electrification growth vector and accelerate our electrification strategy,” said Sensata CTO George Verras. Sensata is a sensor, controller, and software company with products in the automotive, heavy vehicle and off-road… Read more »

Altair adds virtual battery software to Hyperworks simulation platform

Software specialist Altair has added a new battery simulation software, Sendyne’s CellMod Virtual Battery, to the Altair Partner Alliance (APA), its suite of 3rd-party software products available to customers of its Hyperworks product simulation platform. CellMod is a virtual lithium-ion battery that can predict cell and pack behavior, including thermal behavior It accepts inputs including… Read more »

Sendyne’s new battery simulation tool boasts high accuracy, compact footprint

Battery management specialist Sendyne has unveiled new technology it says can predict cell and pack behavior of lithium-ion batteries with better than 5 percent accuracy in real time. CellMod, a lithium-ion battery simulation tool, has already been deployed by a US battery manufacturer. It’s designed to reduce design time and costs by employing rapid cell… Read more »

Sendyne’s new current and voltage sensor for EVs

Sendyne, a New York-based developer of sensing, modeling/simulation and control products, has introduced the SFP200MOD, a turnkey module designed specifically for the needs of EVs and energy storage systems. This newest automotive-grade member of Sendyne’s SFP family is capable of precisely measuring currents from mA to kA, while simultaneously measuring three high-voltage potentials (800 V… Read more »

New Sendyne IC and module monitors ground fault, isolation, current, voltage and temperature

Sensor and control specialist Sendyne has introduced a single IC and module that’s capable of performing ground fault detection/isolation monitoring while simultaneously providing current, high voltage and temperature measurements. Reliable ground fault detection is a necessity for EVs and charging stations in order to prevent leakage currents from posing a shock hazard. According to Sendyne,… Read more »

Sendyne patents new active cell balancing topology

Sendyne, a maker of battery measurement systems and modeling tools, has been awarded a patent for a novel active cell balancing topology. Active cell balancing is the process of transferring energy to and from individual cells in a battery pack so that all cells will operate at the same State of Charge (SOC). Because individual… Read more »

Sendyne’s new current measurement module

Sendyne’s new SFP102MOD is a shunt-based enclosed module capable of current measurements to 375 A, with 45 µA resolution. The company’s patented Continuous Calibration technology enables ±0.25% accuracy for any current magnitude, within the operating temperature range of -40 °C to +125 °C. The new module is designed for situations that require accurate current measurements… Read more »

New device dynamically reduces offset error in DC current measurement

New York-based battery management specialist Sendyne has obtained a patent for an invention that dynamically reduces offset error in shunt-based DC current measurement systems. Offset error – an erroneous value read by the measurement system when the actual current is zero – has a significant impact when Coulomb counting information is utilized for State-of-Charge (SOC)… Read more »

Sendyne’s new SFP101 precisely measures current using shunt of any material

A battery management system requires precise current measurements in order to derive State of Charge (SOC) and other important battery state information. To date, commercial shunt measurement systems are limited in their accuracy by two main factors. First, accuracy is affected by changes in temperature caused either by the environment or by the self-heating of… Read more »

New Sendyne IC greatly increases dynamic range of current measurement

This week brought exciting news for fans of measuring current through resistive shunts. Sendyne Corp. has announced the new SFP100, a high precision current sensing IC that extends the range of accurate current measurements by at least an order of magnitude. With the Sendyne SFP100, ultra-low resistance and low-power consumption shunts can now be used… Read more »