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Nissan and BMW to build EV charging station network in South Africa

Nissan and BMW have agreed to jointly build a national grid of public charging stations in South Africa. The stations will feature DC fast chargers compatible with both the CCS2 standard used by BMW’s plug-in models and the CHAdeMO standard used by the Nissan LEAF. Some stations will also include Level 2 chargers. “Our introduction… Read more »

Avis Denmark orders 401 Nissan e-NV200 vans and 60 more LEAFs

Avis Denmark has placed an order for 401 Nissan e-NV200 electric vans and a further 60 LEAFs, bringing the company’s total EV fleet to 861 vehicles. The new vehicles will be offered on long-term leases, not for short-term airport car rentals. Avis purchased 400 LEAFs in 2014, which were successfully placed through its leasing scheme…. Read more »

Japan has more EV charging points than gas stations

Worried about finding a place to plug in your EV? You needn’t be, at least if you live in Japan – Nissan recently made the surprising announcement that the number of power points in Japan has passed 40,000, more than the 34,000 gas stations in the country. “An important element of the continued market growth… Read more »

Kansas City Power & Light to install 1,000 charging stations

Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L) has announced plans to install and operate more than 1,000 EV charging stations in the Kansas City region, which the company says will be the largest charging station installation by an electric utility in the US. KCP&L’s Clean Charge Network will be part of the ChargePoint network, and will… Read more »

Nissan and Hydro-Québec partner to expand public charging network

Nissan has announced that it will support the expansion of the Electric Circuit public charging network with an investment in 25 DC fast charging sites. The Electric Circuit includes more than 360 public charging stations in operation in Québec, including 8 fast-charge stations. The new sites will be located at short-stop locations like restaurant chains… Read more »

Nissan exec: We’ll focus on EVs, not rush into fuel cells.

As its Japanese rivals Toyota and Honda tout the potential benefits of hydrogen-powered vehicles, Nissan is sticking with electrons, and plans to introduce fuel-cell cars only “in the long-term future.” “We need to promote the electric vehicle first rather than hydrogen,” Vice Chairman Toshiyuki Shiga told the Japan Times in a recent interview. “At the… Read more »

Renault-Nissan sells 200,000 EVs

The Renault-Nissan Alliance has sold its 200,000th EV, highlighting its dominant position in the pure EV market, with a 58% market share. Renault and Nissan EVs have driven approximately 4 billion kilometers, saving 200 million liters of fuel and 450 million kilograms of carbon dioxide. The flagship LEAF is the top-selling plug-in vehicle in the… Read more »