Nissan uses bidirectional charging tech to power North American facilities

Bidirectional charging technology (vehicle-to-grid or vehicle-to-building) has the potential to help reduce utility costs by using EV batteries to store energy and release it at times of peak consumption.

Now Nissan, in partnership with Fermata Energy, a vehicle-to-grid systems company, has launched a pilot program that uses LEAFs equipped with bidirectional charging capability to partially power the automaker’s North American headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee and its design center in San Diego.

The Nissan Energy Share pilot program will continuously monitor a building’s electrical loads, looking for opportunities to draw power from the LEAF’s battery during more expensive high-demand periods. This constant monitoring, called demand-charge management, could lower electricity costs for EV fleet operators, and reduce the burden of peak loads on local utilities.

Nissan has grand plans for an ecosystem called Nissan Energy, which will leverage bidirectional charging to provide benefits for vehicle owners and utility customers.

“As the only vehicle on the market utilizing bidirectional charging, the Nissan LEAF proves exceptionally useful while on the road and also while parked,” said Brian Maragno, Director, EV Sales and Marketing, Nissan North America. “As a pioneer in the EV space, we’re thrilled to continue to show new, meaningful technologies that leverage the LEAF’s growing capabilities.”


Source: Nissan

  • freedomev

    Since Nissan has their own V2G, V2H in Japan, Europe, just why are they using a 3rd party?
    They really need to bring it with the new 60kwh Leaf to make it stand out and being a backup if the power goes out..
    And it is back compatible with any Leaf with a DC charge port.
    I’ve been doing V2H for 25 yrs now in power blackouts from hurricanes, squirrels, etc with my lightweight EVs.
    And a major reason and income source for all EVs to be V2G, V2H.

  • jstack6

    Of all companies Nissan needs to fix their battery issues with Thermal Management before they start using the battery for V2H and V2G. tells all about V2G that has been proven at the Univ. Of Delaware.