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Nissan takes a poke at Tesla in new LEAF ad campaign

Charged and other EV boosters have long been critical of automakers for not doing more to advertise their plug-in vehicles. In Nissan’s case, this may be changing, as a direct result of Tesla’s attention-grabbing advance sales for its recently unveiled Model 3. As reported by Automotive News, Nissan has run print ads in the New… Read more »

While US EV sales shrank, Europe’s almost doubled

What a difference a year or two makes. Not so long ago, we EV pundits were trying to figure out why EV sales were so slow in Europe compared to the US, despite the continent’s green reputation and high gas prices. Now they must be wondering the same about us. Annual US plug-in sales actually… Read more »

Carlos Ghosn talks EVs: Governments may be leading now, but consumers will follow

There’s been a lot of talk lately about whether automakers that aren’t named Tesla are truly committed to zero-emission vehicles. Yes, they’re building EVs, but many observers believe that this has more to do with government regulations than customer demand – a controversial article in The Detroit News recently made this point. At the North… Read more »

The Electric Car Guide: Nissan LEAF (book review)

This new book (written in March 2015) offers an overview of the world’s best-selling EV. It’s a slim volume (90 pages) that’s aimed at prospective purchasers, not at engineering types. There’s little in the way of technical detail, but if you’re considering buying a LEAF, you’ll find the answers to most of your questions here…. Read more »

BMW and Nissan partner to deploy dual-standard public fast chargers

Good news for EV drivers: the dreaded war between the two major DC fast charging standards doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. At least two of the potential combatants are working amicably together. BMW and Nissan have teamed up to deploy a network of 120 public dual-standard DC charging locations across 19 states (pictured… Read more »

Nissan to offer range-extended EV in 2016?

There’s plenty of electrifying news emanating from Nissan these days. The 2016 LEAF features substantially improved range, and a completely new generation is rumored to be coming in 2018. Now Yoshi Shimoida, Nissan’s Deputy General Manager, EV and HEV Engineering Division, said the company will unveil an EV with a range extending engine in 2016…. Read more »

Nissan and Eaton collaborate on second-life EV battery applications

Nissan and Eaton have announced a partnership that will use their respective expertise in lithium-ion batteries and power electronics to create commercially viable energy storage and control centers that offer a productive second life for Nissan’s EV batteries after their days on the road. The two companies will deploy a module that combines retired LEAF… Read more »

Over 550 Nissan electric taxis in service on European roads

EVs are slowly making inroads into taxi fleets, especially in Europe. Visitors to Amsterdam enjoy the Tesla taxis that serve the airport, but the continent’s leading manufacturer of e-cabs is Nissan, with more than 550 electric taxis on European roads (including both the LEAF and the e-NV200 commercial van). The company delivered over 100 EVs… Read more »

Renault installs 90 charging stations in Paris for climate change summit

Renault, in partnership with electric utility EDF and others, is installing 90 new EV charge spots in and around Paris for the upcoming COP21 global summit on climate change. The charging stations, several of which will be donated by Schneider Electric, will be used to charge 200 EVs serving as VIP shuttles for conference attendees…. Read more »