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Sensata Technologies’ power disconnect solution enables faster, safer DC fast charging

Sensor specialist Sensata Technologies (NYSE: ST) has announced that its new power disconnect solution, which is designed to enable faster and safer DC fast charging, has been chosen by several charging infrastructure OEMs. Sensata’s solution combines contactors and GigaFuses from its Gigavac product in a contactor module that’s designed to simplify installation and to provide… Read more »

Sensata Technologies’ new GV210 series contactors for EVs

Sensata Technologies has announced the availability of its new GV210 series of hermetically sealed, gas-filled contactors for applications carrying up to 150 A at 12 to 900 VDC. The series is the latest addition to Sensata’s GIGAVAC brand product line, and is suitable as the main contactor for applications such as forklifts, home energy storage… Read more »

Sensata Technologies acquires GIGAVAC for $233 million

Industrial sensor specialist Sensata Technologies (NYSE:ST) has reached an agreement to acquire privately-held electrification solution provider GIGAVAC for $233 million. Sensata is expanding its positions in electrical protection, thermal management and regenerative braking. The addition of GIGAVAC’s portfolio will enable Sensata to tap into the market for high-voltage contactors, which are critical components of both… Read more »

GIGAVAC’s new 1,500-volt contactors

Carpinteria, California-based GIGAVAC has announced a pair of additions to its line of switching devices. The HX241 and HXNC241 are hermetically sealed HVDC contactors in normally-open and normally-closed versions. Both models have UL and IEC approval for operation at 1,500 volts DC. Package size is approximately 3×3 inches. Sealed internal chambers for both contacts and… Read more »

GIGAVAC introduces new high-power contactor

California electronics manufacturer GIGAVAC has announced the latest addition to its line of high-power switching devices. The HX460 is a hermetically sealed HVDC contactor designed to deliver massive power switching capabilities in a compact package – approximately 6×6 inches. The HX460 power connection busbars allow continuous application circuit currents of 600 amps and beyond. The… Read more »

Gigavac launches new PCB-mounted contactors

It’s a common theme across the EV industry: Today many OEMs are designing their second- and third-generation EV platforms, and there is a strong push to increase packaging efficiency across the board, driving out every possible bit of cost. In the past few months, we’ve written about GM’s decision to attach the power electronics directly… Read more »

Gigavac’s new sealed high-power contactor is rated for 1,000 amps continuous duty

Gigavac has announced an addition to its line of Advanced Switching Solutions. The new GX110 contactor is rated for continuous duty up to 1,000 amps, and is capable of switching high current loads at voltages up to 800 DC.  A contactor is an electromechanical device that switches high voltage and current by means of a… Read more »