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GIGAVAC’s new 1,500-volt contactors

Gigavac Contactor HX241 group

Carpinteria, California-based GIGAVAC has announced a pair of additions to its line of switching devices. The HX241 and HXNC241 are hermetically sealed HVDC contactors in normally-open and normally-closed versions.

Both models have UL and IEC approval for operation at 1,500 volts DC. Package size is approximately 3×3 inches.

Sealed internal chambers for both contacts and coil are designed to assure clean switching in any environment. With continuous current carry to 400 A, these contactors are suited for solar applications such as inverters, as well as traction applications that require a high-voltage dielectric rating.

Optional auxiliary contacts are available as SPST‐NO, normally open, or SPST‐NC, normally closed, providing additional circuit flexibility.

“This new series is the perfect companion to our other sealed switching products,” said Duffy McPherson, GIGAVAC’s Product Manager for HVDC Contactors. “It gives our customers a reliable alternative for their higher-power switching requirements versus conventional open air and simply sealed products.”




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