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XALT Energy announces $1 billion battery supply agreement with Chinese bus manufacturer

XALT Energy has signed a multi-year contract, valued at over $1.0 billion, with Hybrid Kinetic Group of China to supply lithium titanate batteries for electric buses in China. Production is expected to begin during the third quarter of 2015. Dr. Yung Yeung, Chairman of HK Group, said, “XALT’s high quality and cost-competitive battery products fit… Read more »

China to issue licenses for EV manufacturing to new firms

China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) recently published modified rules for electric vehicle manufacturing, and is expected to start issuing licenses for EV manufacturing later this year, the Beijing-based Economic Observer reports. Sources said that no more than 10 companies will be eligible to apply for licenses, and the government is likely to award… Read more »

Tesla goes to China: charging is a genuine challenge

It’s no secret that Tesla’s sales in China are materializing more slowly than expected (and no surprise – China has proven a tough nut to crack for many Western firms). Elon Musk acknowledged the difficulties in February, but as always, put a brave face on things: “Things were a little weaker in China because of… Read more »

Chinese company unveils electric sedan

These days, the media trumpets every new plug-in vehicle as a “Tesla competitor,” so it’s perhaps not surprising that the feature of the Aoxin Ibis that’s attracting the most attention is its badge, which includes a vaguely familiar “T” shape. The new electric sedan, which is also known as the Aoxin Heying or Aoxin E45,… Read more »

EDI launches PHEV Class 3 utility truck

Efficient Drivetrains Inc (EDI), a drivetrain manufacturer with offices in Silicon Valley and China, has launched a Class 3 utility truck with a plug-in hybrid powertrain that it says can reduce emissions and fuel use by up to 80 percent. The new vehicle, which is built on a popular Detroit OEM commercial fleet truck, is… Read more »

New study: Chinese more receptive to EVs than Americans

A new study by a team from Carnegie Mellon University, Ford and Drexel University suggests that Chinese consumers are more receptive to adopting battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) than their American counterparts. The study, “Will subsidies drive electric vehicle adoption? Measuring consumer preferences in the US and China,” was published in the journal Transportation Research Part A…. Read more »

Tesla hopes better charging infrastructure will mean more Chinese sales

Tesla is hoping for great things in China, but sales seem to be materializing more slowly than expected. TSLA stock took a dive in January, after Musk said that Chinese sales were down in Q4 2014. It may have nothing to do with the sales slowdown, but the head of Tesla’s Chinese operations, Veronica Wu,… Read more »

UQM Technologies certified to sell electric powertrains in China

UQM Technologies (NYSE MKT: UQM) has achieved Chinese certification for its PowerPhase HD 250 electric propulsion system. After three months of testing, including system performance analysis for power and torque, vibration, salt spray and sealing performance and electrical testing, the Chinese authorities have approved the PowerPhase HD 250 for sale to vehicle manufacturers throughout China…. Read more »

BYD taking pre-orders for Tang plug-in SUV

Chinese automaker BYD is poised to profit from two converging trends: the government’s support for new energy vehicles, and what the company calls China’s insatiable appetite for SUVs. BYD has begun taking pre-orders for the Tang, a plug-in SUV that’s named for the most prosperous of Chinese dynasties. The Tang is built on BYD’s second-generation… Read more »

China extends EV incentives to 2020

China continues to take aggressive measures to boost adoption of “new energy” vehicles. Officials announced this week that the current incentive scheme, which expires in 2015, will be replaced by a new program that lasts through 2020. Buyers of EVs, PHEVs and fuel-cell vehicles will be eligible for subsidies of up to 55,000 yuan ($8,834)… Read more »