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Tesla to adapt to Chinese charging standards – as soon as they exist

Tesla has announced that it will fully support China’s charging standards, modifying its vehicles to ensure that they are compatible. This is surely a wise and necessary policy, as concerns about charging infrastructure are widely considered to be the main reason that EV sales in the world’s largest auto market have been slow to take… Read more »

TM4’s external rotor motor technology powers first electric bus in China

A new 18-meter battery-electric bus is now plying the streets of Beijing. The Foton Harmony City BJ6180 carries up to 143 passengers, and features a lightweight monocoque structure with low-floor access. The bus’s SUMO HD powertrain, built by TM4 Inc., is designed to interface with standard rear differentials with no need for an intermediate gearbox…. Read more »

Toyota forced to build electric cars in China

Toyota has made no secret of its disdain for battery-electric vehicles in favor of fuel cells, but like other high-volume OEMs, it was compelled to produce an EV by the California authorities – the RAV4 EV, which the company did not market, and discontinued as soon as possible. Now it seems that the world’s largest automaker will… Read more »

New report: China poised to overtake US as world’s largest EV market

A new report from consultancy Roland Berger indicates that while the US remains the country with the largest market for plug-in vehicles, that’s unlikely to last, as China has the highest rate of EV sales growth, and by far the highest level of e-mobility subsidies. The Q1 2015 E-Mobility Index compares the relative competitive standings… Read more »

The Kandi store is open: Chinese automaker begins retail EV sales

Kandi Technologies Group (Nasdaq: KNDI), which operates a car-sharing service that dispenses EVs from automated multilevel garages (“Kandi Machines”) in 8 Chinese cities, has announced that it is starting retail sales of EVs. Kandi is selecting dealers in 26 Chinese provinces and will begin selling its latest EV models, Chairman Hu Xiaoming told Bloomberg. The… Read more »

Chinese automaker BYD to triple production of batteries

Chinese automaker BYD aims to be a major player in the battery business, adding 6 gigawatt-hours of global production in each of the next three years, company spokesman Matthew Jurjevich told Reuters recently. If it continues at that pace, BYD’s capacity will be some 34 GWh of batteries by the beginning of 2020, putting it about… Read more »

XALT Energy announces $1 billion battery supply agreement with Chinese bus manufacturer

XALT Energy has signed a multi-year contract, valued at over $1.0 billion, with Hybrid Kinetic Group of China to supply lithium titanate batteries for electric buses in China. Production is expected to begin during the third quarter of 2015. Dr. Yung Yeung, Chairman of HK Group, said, “XALT’s high quality and cost-competitive battery products fit… Read more »

China to issue licenses for EV manufacturing to new firms

China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) recently published modified rules for electric vehicle manufacturing, and is expected to start issuing licenses for EV manufacturing later this year, the Beijing-based Economic Observer reports. Sources said that no more than 10 companies will be eligible to apply for licenses, and the government is likely to award… Read more »

Tesla goes to China: charging is a genuine challenge

It’s no secret that Tesla’s sales in China are materializing more slowly than expected (and no surprise – China has proven a tough nut to crack for many Western firms). Elon Musk acknowledged the difficulties in February, but as always, put a brave face on things: “Things were a little weaker in China because of… Read more »

Chinese company unveils electric sedan

These days, the media trumpets every new plug-in vehicle as a “Tesla competitor,” so it’s perhaps not surprising that the feature of the Aoxin Ibis that’s attracting the most attention is its badge, which includes a vaguely familiar “T” shape. The new electric sedan, which is also known as the Aoxin Heying or Aoxin E45,… Read more »