Efacec’s mobile charging solution fits in a towable container

Efacec has developed a mobile fast charger that’s built into a towable 20-foot container. The system can charge three vehicles simultaneously, and can be fed through the local electrical grid or by a generator.

The container includes three HV350 charger units, as well as a power management system. It provides output voltage up to 920 V (nominal) and 1,000 V (maximum). Charging power is up to 320 kW (nominal) and 350 kW (maximum).

This solution is designed to charge vehicles in locations where it might not be appropriate to install permanent charging infrastructure, such as test tracks, road tests, or sites with difficult conditions.


Source: Efacec Electric Mobility

  • Joe Jackson

    That sounds really environmentally friendly & efficient !! Charging from a generator !!!!! Lost the plot ?

  • Ricardo Esquinazi

    It clearly say “test tracks, road tests, or sites with difficult conditions”, so it makes sense. On some difficult conditions, to install electric grid may suppose to cross over a forest. Or if it is just to test some EV cars on a circuit. Lets be more open mind. Is a good idea.

    • Joe Jackson

      Then it is no place for an electric vehicle – i.c still has it’s uses.
      You need presumably a non ev to transport it into the wilderness in the first place so you might as well use a diesel truck to do the job in the first place. The only way this would work efficiently is if the truck transports a huge fold out tracking photovoltaic array and storage batteries – then it makes sense for remote regions. The truck could then be EV and charge itself as well as the 3 other EV’sl .

  • brenno

    A few very limited applications for something like this…interesting nonetheless.