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CLEVER and E.ON partner to deploy 150 kW chargers in Norway

Denmark-based network operator CLEVER and electric utility E.ON have partnered with gas station chain YX to install ultra-fast charging stations at 20 service stations across Norway. The chargers’ 150 kW power level enables recharging of a 400 km-range battery in 20-30 minutes. They feature a modular design, and can be upgraded to 350 kW in… Read more »

European CLEVER network offers home and public EV charging for a fixed monthly fee

CLEVER, which operates a network of fast charging stations in Denmark, Sweden and Germany, has introduced a new plan that offers unlimited charging for a fixed monthly fee. CLEVER Unlimited includes installation of a home charging station, and unlimited free use of the company’s over 900 public charging points. The company recently announced an agreement… Read more »

Scandinavian charging network CLEVER expands to Germany

The Danish firm CLEVER, which is owned by a group of electric utilities, has built a network of over 500 fast charging stations in Denmark, and is in the process of creating a similar network in Sweden. Now the company is expanding to the south, installing four new quick charge stations in northern Germany. The… Read more »

Denmark’s CLEVER charging network expands to Sweden

CLEVER, a Danish “Electric Mobility Operator” that’s owned by five utilities, is opening a subsidiary in Sweden, with the Swedish energy company Öresundskraft as majority shareholder. “With five years of experience as an operator of both electric vehicles and charging in Denmark, the company is now ready to scale up, and transfer our knowledge and… Read more »

Danish charging network adds 100 ABB multi-standard DC fast chargers

Danish electomobility operator CLEVER plans to expand its charging network in Denmark and neighboring countries with 100 ABB Terra 53 multi-standard DC fast charging stations. The new chargers will be installed through partners, including Öresundskraft in Sweden. The network will continue expanding into other countries with support from the European TEN-T funding program. SEE ALSO: BC… Read more »