Scandinavian charging network CLEVER expands to Germany


The Danish firm CLEVER, which is owned by a group of electric utilities, has built a network of over 500 fast charging stations in Denmark, and is in the process of creating a similar network in Sweden.

Now the company is expanding to the south, installing four new quick charge stations in northern Germany. The chargers offer 50 kW DC charging on both the CCS and CHAdeMO standards, as well as 43 kW Type 2 charging.

CLEVER expects the new stations to be operational before the end of 2015, making it practical to drive an EV all the way from Stockholm to Hamburg. Charging will be free for the first three months. A smartphone app shows the location and status of all CLEVER chargers.


“We found that there was a strong wish to get a faster and more convenient charging network among the Scandinavian EV drivers, and we have been working hard to fulfill that wish in Denmark and Sweden – and we are ready to transfer the successful business model to new markets in Europe,” says CLEVER CEO Casper Kirketerp-Møller. “82% of our customers wish to travel far and cross the borders to our neighboring countries in their EVs.”


Source: CLEVER

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