Danish charging network adds 100 ABB multi-standard DC fast chargers

ABB Terra 53 DC charging station

Danish electomobility operator CLEVER plans to expand its charging network in Denmark and neighboring countries with 100 ABB Terra 53 multi-standard DC fast charging stations.

The new chargers will be installed through partners, including Öresundskraft in Sweden. The network will continue expanding into other countries with support from the European TEN-T funding program.

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CLEVER currently operates 100 charging locations in Denmark, including both AC and DC chargers.

ABB’s Terra 53 offers connectivity features that allow the stations to be remotely monitored, and the ABB Charger Care service program can respond to any service or maintenance needs. ABB’s connected platform also provides a backbone for CLEVER’s payment solutions and administrative systems, and allows the charging stations to connect to smart grids.

“For EV consumers and network operators it is critical to have confidence that EV charging is as available, reliable, and convenient as traditional mobility,” said CLEVER CEO Lars Bording. “That makes it critical for rapidly emerging markets to have partners who not only offer hardware but also the experience and proven solutions for commerce, administration and related services, and who understand how to connect all this to the grid.”

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Source: CLEVER via Green Car Congress


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