Denmark’s CLEVER charging network expands to Sweden

CLEVER charging network

CLEVER, a Danish “Electric Mobility Operator” that’s owned by five utilities, is opening a subsidiary in Sweden, with the Swedish energy company Öresundskraft as majority shareholder.

“With five years of experience as an operator of both electric vehicles and charging in Denmark, the company is now ready to scale up, and transfer our knowledge and capabilities to other European countries,” says CEO Lars Bording. “Sweden is our first international opening, however, it is our intention to enter into dialogue with other European markets, where local investors and companies are looking for a partner that can bring a turnkey solution.”

As in Denmark, CLEVER Sweden will deliver EVSE products and installation services, and will also establish and operate a public network of fast charging stations. The first phase of the network will consist of 35 fast charging stations with 50 kW charging.

CLEVER’s Danish network of 350 charging points supports both Combo and CHAdeMO standards, and the company plans to build the same capabilities in Sweden. Charging and payment systems will be the same in Sweden and Denmark, making it easier to take EVs across the border.

“CLEVER has cooperation agreements with automotive brands including BMW, Nissan, Volkswagen, Renault and Tesla,” said Anders Östlund, CEO, Öresundskraft. “The partnership gives us access to CLEVER’s brand and expertise in this area with well-developed payment solutions, flexible administrative systems and applications for charging electric cars.”

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Source: CLEVER

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