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Von Roll Institute opens new testing lab for EV motors

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The Von Roll Institute for high-voltage insulation in Breitenbach, Switzerland has been testing electrical insulation systems for 100 years. Now it’s continuing the tradition, but with electric motors.

The institute recently opened a brand-new eDrive testing lab to meet the high demands placed on drive systems for the next generation of EVs.

Von Roll head Christoph Herold said the new lab will help the institute stay on top of the latest trends in electric motors. “Electric mobility is on the advance worldwide. The trend in electric vehicle drive systems is increasingly toward voltage of 800 volts and higher.”

When the voltage is increased, additional issues arise, such as the partial discharge phenomenon, which in combination with high operating temperatures increases the stress on the material used. Partial discharges are electrical spark discharges that locally damage the insulation and can lead to machine failure.

The Von Roll Institute has a wide range of equipment at its disposal for testing insulation materials for electric motors. This enables the simulation of different environmental conditions, such as low or high temperatures (from -45° to 350° C) and very high humidity. The effects of thermal aging can also be tested using one of 15 furnaces that accommodate parts up to 750 mm in length and up to 30 kg in weight.


Source: Von Roll Institute



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