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Stored energy provider EnerSys to acquire battery maker Quallion

EnerSys (NYSE: ENS) a provider of stored energy solutions for industrial applications, has agreed to acquire Quallion LLC, a manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, for $30 million. California-based Quallion sells cells to customers in the medical, defense, aviation and space sectors.

Neither company has been particularly prominent in the EV-related headlines, but EnerSys offers a broad line of batteries and chargers for some of the world’s less glamorous electric vehicles, such as lift trucks and mining, railroad and airport ground support equipment, as well as reserve power batteries for the telecommunications and utility industries. Quallion’s web site notes the rapid growth in the development of hybrid and electric buses.



“With the US government’s Title III investment of $65 million in Quallion’s cathode and anode production equipment, we will have the capability to produce lithium-ion materials for satellite batteries,” said EnerSys CEO John D. Craig. “In addition to being the only domestic battery manufacturer to control the complete production process, by combining Quallion with our ABSL space business, EnerSys becomes the largest domestic provider of battery technology to the space industry.”


Images: Quallion
Source: EnerSys


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