SOLO electric three-wheeler coming to the US this fall

Things are happening at Vancouver-based EV manufacturer Electra Meccanica. The company, a descendant of Italian boutique automaker Intermeccanica, recently completed a $10-million public offering and began trading on NASDAQ. It is producing its unique SOLO EV in limited numbers, and is preparing to launch it in the US this fall.

The SOLO is an electric single-passenger three-wheel vehicle with a futuristic pod-like look. It has a range of 100 miles and a top speed around 85 mph, and is expected to sell for $15,500. The company says it has produced 16 units and delivered three to customers.

Electra Meccanica plans to launch its second model, a sports car called the Tofino, in 2019.

“We are well underway with our plan to deliver the initial shipments of our revolutionary mass production SOLOs to customers in the fall of 2018 and to open our first US sales location in Los Angeles. We continue to see increased interest in our SOLO and Tofino electric vehicles with the pre-order book growing in excess of $2.4 billion [Canadian].”


Source: Electra Meccanica

  • Dave_SRQ

    I get it, BUT I don’t want to be that guy who folks are laughing at.

    • Eric Elley

      They can laugh all they want. I’m down. Where can I buy one?

    • freedomev

      I drive EVs like this and no one laughs, smile a lot and they love it in fact with it’s 100+ mile range trike pickup.
      I’m not sure why but the ladies really, really love them, want them.
      I can’t go into a store without people hanging out looking at it by the time I get back out.
      The fact it costs me under $1/day for everything and that includes 60 miles of electricity.
      So you might laugh but you’ll be one of the few.

  • Michael B

    I’ve got a TRIO that they and their investors might want to ponder: Sparrow, Aptera, Elio.

    • William Volk

      Every company that has tried to enter the market at the low end has failed …

    • William Volk
      • freedomev

        True. I had a hand in both the Aptera and the Solo. But the Solo is happening with 16 built is already well ahead of the Elio, Aptera.
        The Solo is what the Sparrow should have been but Corbin was too stubborn to listen to anyone.
        Vs Solo listened to me how to fix the Solo they were going to copy nd had bought several of.
        But Jerry is a race car engineer of the race car company expanding their market.and understood exactly what I was talking, composites and 3wh vehicle handling are my expertise, about and they came up with a very nice all composite body, chassis safe EV and the lowest priced EV car in the US.
        The Aptera was stolen by the VC who them started changing everything and running it into the ground.
        But before that, they called me with some propulsion problems I quickly solved as they knew I’d done a bunch of them and was doing the FreedomEV.
        My FreedomEV is a more normal looking 2 seat version of these 2. Google FreedomEV in image and the white or black one that shows up is it.
        NMG, who produced the Sparrow2, wanted to buy the FreedomEV design but insulted me with the offer and threw him off the property.
        Now because he was so cheap, he’s losing money fast, if even still in business as the Solo is so much better in every way at 50% of the price.
        I think seat lightweight EVs will be a big part of the future.
        Here in Florida they already drive a limited version , NEVS , over 200k in the state so a good size market for much faster longer range ones..

        • Eletruk

          NGM (Myers Motors) seem to have given up on the 3 wheeler concept, their current offering is a 1/2 car, like the Tango.

          • freedomev

            They can’t legally without passing FedDOT . Otherwise the Tango would already be being produced as I know those who did it and their 12 yr effort to get it in US production.
            Too bad as a rather cool vehicle only 3′ wide yet kicks but on the race course from all the battery weight so low. It had Tesla quality acceleration 12 yrs ago.
            And Myers is totally incompetent who couldn’t handle much of anything, certainly not FedDOT.
            My bet is someone might be pulling a scam on him as he’s unlikely to have done a website like that and he certainly isn’t capable to pull it off.
            I am but I’m going under 25 yr old or older looking EVs rule allowing 325/yr with my 63 Vette looking EV project for turn key kitcars under hot rod rules, legal lights, brakes, seatbelts,
            etc is all passed 20 months ago..
            Otherwise I’d be producing my far better 3wh ‘FreedomEV’ sportswagon, google under image.
            And those who tried to help him like me, Riley, etc, he screwed over, etc as the good Christian he says he is.

          • Eletruk
          • freedomev

            No it wasn’t ever a 25 yr old or production vehicle., both disqualifying. I’m build a 63 vette looking one to meet the requirements plus should sell well as such a great looking car, especially as an EV.

  • Eric Elley

    Does it has DC fast charging?

  • William Volk

    If you look at the small EV offerings in China, this falls way short in capability and price.

    • freedomev

      This is 3x the EV the Chinese are and far safer. It’s likely as safe as a compact car vs you can drive right through a Chinese one.

  • Andy Stow

    Or for that money, buy two nice used Nissan Leafs (Leaves?)

    • Duvee6


    • freedomev

      But they’ll have half the range!!
      And I doubt you can buy good ones, 10 bars or more with nice bod, interior , under $10k as their prices have been going up as everyone found out how cheap they were.
      Now if 6 bars, dents and stains is good for you, have at it.

    • Devin Serpa


  • Bill Pollock

    In my opinion, I wouldn’t look twice at a singe seater EV. I wouldn’t be happy with a tandem style either.

    Side by side (with possible 3rd in rear center),

    At least 1200mm wide front track.
    Triangular skateboard chassis
    Maybe elevate 500mm for ease of access, and visibility
    Glazed all around (bubble with internal roll cage?)

  • pres68y

    Certainly looks good to me. 99+% of the time I’m driving alone and if there is more needed we simply use another vehicle.