New UK law supports public charging and autonomous vehicles

Many federal and state governments around the world have taken measures to encourage EV adoption, but only a few have crafted comprehensive policies that envision a complete transition to electromobility. One of those is of course California, which subsidizes several flavors of charging infrastructure and has funded pilot projects to electrify everything from buses to trucks to off-road commercial vehicles. Another is the UK, which has announced its intention to phase out fossil fuel vehicles by 2040, and recently unveiled a detailed 46-point plan to manage the transition.

Part of that effort is the Automated and Electric Vehicles Act, which recently passed through Parliament to become law. The AEV Act gives the government new powers to ensure that motorway service locations are upgraded with plenty of charging points, and allows mayors to request that fuel retailers in their areas install charging infrastructure.

The new law requires public charge points to be compatible with all vehicles, and standardizes payment schemes. The related Alternative Fuels and Infrastructure (AFI) regulation requires providers to allow public charging without the need for any subscription, membership card or special cable.

The AEV Act also addresses autonomous vehicles – among other things, it requires insurance companies to cover motorists both when they are driving and when they have legitimately handed control to the vehicle.

“The UK is becoming a world leader in the roll-out of low-emission transport. Today we have passed a significant milestone in that journey,” said Roads Minister Jesse Norman. “The increasing automation of our cars is transforming the way we drive, and the government is steadily updating our laws in order to prepare for the future.”


Source: UK Department for Transport

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