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Many questions remain about the UK’s proposal to require EV chargers in all new homes

The UK government has introduced legislation that would require new homes and certain other buildings in England to install EV charging points. New supermarkets and workplaces would come under the new law, as would major renovations to sites with over 10 parking spaces. The government said the new policy should result in the addition of… Read more »

UK firm Connected Kerb installs 10,000 public chargers in 2021

UK charging infrastructure specialist Connected Kerb is rolling out on-street chargers at an impressive pace. The company has installed 1,000 chargers so far this year, and expects to have 5,500 installed across the UK, with contracts secured for 30,000 more, by the end of 2022. By 2030, the company hopes to have 190,000 chargers installed…. Read more »

All new London buses to be zero-emission

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, has announced that all new Transport for London (TfL) buses will be carbon-neutral. TfL has committed to only ordering zero-emission buses from now on, and says that by the end of next year, ten percent of London’s buses will be zero-emission. “London will no longer procure new diesel or… Read more »

UK charging platform Bonnet raises $1.3 million in new funding

UK startup Bonnet has raised £920,000 ($1.3 million) in new funding, including £850,000 in an equity financing round led by Ascension Ventures and a £70,000 grant from Innovate UK and OZEV (government-funded entities that promote the British EV industry). Bonnet is a charging platform designed to simplify paying for public charging. There are currently over… Read more »

Faraday Battery Challenge to fund 17 new tech projects

The Faraday Battery Challenge, a project initiated by the UK government to promote advanced battery technologies, has announced a new £10-million round of funding, which will be shared across 17 projects being undertaken by businesses and research institutions across the UK. The funded projects cover a wide range of topics, including a new sodium nickel… Read more »

ZEV provides UK-made charging cables to reduce carbon footprint of UK EVs

The British firm Zero Emission Vehicles Ltd (ZEV) supplies charging cables to automakers—in 2020 the company provided over 35,000 individual lead sets to OEMs, to be included with their production EVs and PHEVs. Now ZEV has released a new range of British-made EV charging cables. The new cables are designed to be flexible and easy… Read more »

Shell to install 800 chargers at Waitrose UK supermarkets

Oil companies (we’ll consider using the term “energy companies” when products other than petroleum make up at least half their revenues) are starting to invest in EV charging, and Shell is at the forefront of this trend. Now the company is expanding its partnership with the UK supermarket chain Waitrose. The companies are targeting the… Read more »

Gridserve plans 50 charging hubs in UK, with 350 kW chargers

Sustainable energy provider Gridserve has unveiled plans to develop a £100-million EV infrastructure project in the UK. The Gridserve Electric Highway will offer a network of over 50 electric hubs, each with between six and twelve 350 kW chargers. Ten of these hubs are scheduled to go into service this year. The company also plans… Read more »

London bus operator orders 195 electric buses from Alexander Dennis and BYD

Five years ago, Alexander Dennis (ADL), a subsidiary of global bus manufacturer NFI Group, formed a partnership with BYD UK to build electric buses, using BYD’s battery-electric driveline technology and ADL’s British-built, customizable bodies. There are now over 400 BYD ADL electric buses operating in London alone, and another 300 vehicles are on order. Now… Read more »

Tesla and Fastned to build massive co-branded charging station in Oxford, UK

Netherlands-based charging network Fastned is teaming up with Tesla to build a huge dual-branded charging station in Oxford. Fastned has deployed some 137 fast charging stations in several European countries. Early on, the network tried to appeal to Tesla drivers by adding Tesla CHAdeMO adapters to its stations. Now that Tesla uses the CCS standard… Read more »