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California ARB approves $663-million funding plan for clean cars, trucks, buses

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The California Air Resources Board has approved $663 million in new funding for projects to reduce emissions, particularly in disadvantaged and low-income communities.

The plan allocates $398 million to incentivize clean heavy-duty trucks, buses and freight projects. While diesel trucks account for only 2% of vehicles in the state, they emit the majority of the smog-forming pollution, and two-thirds of all diesel soot.

There are now more than 20 manufacturers offering 60 eligible models of hybrid, low-NOx and zero-emission trucks and buses, including BYD, Complete Coach Works, Efficient Drivetrains Inc., El Dorado, Gillig, Motiv Power Systems, New Flyer, Proterra and TransPower.

Investments in the package include: $188 million for voucher incentives for trucks and buses; $190 million for freight-related projects; $140 million for the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project; and $125 million for projects focused on disadvantaged communities, including scrappage programs, cleaner school buses, and electric car-sharing projects.


Source: California Air Resources Board via Green Car Congress
Image: Nicolas Raymond


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