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New report: 33% of buses will be electric by 2030

E-buses will make up nearly 33 percent of all buses worldwide by 2030, according to a recent report from Navigant Research. The Electric Buses report finds that China will continue to be the global leader in e-bus sales, maintaining 74 percent of the market share by 2030, while North America and Europe will make up only 14 percent.

The report analyzes the global market for electric bus powertrains, including PHEVs and EVs, broken down by vehicle weight, type and region. The report also analyzes charging technologies and prominent markets for e-buses.

Navigant Research Analyst William Drier said, “Fleets can take advantage of increasing government support to help surmount the high upfront costs associated with e-buses. Transit, coach, shuttle and school fleets can use e-buses to achieve their emissions and air quality targets, while improving their bottom lines. These market conditions can enable e-buses to lead the way on the electrification of other commercial vehicle segments.”

Source: Navigant


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