Navigant Research releases Leaderboard Report on lithium-ion battery manufacturers

In a new report, Navigant Research profiles 11 Li-ion battery vendors that are active in the EV market, and rates them on 13 criteria, including systems integration, safety engineering, chemistry performance, geographic reach, manufacturing and product performance, pricing, and overall corporate financial health.

According to Navigant, “Li-ion batteries have won the race to be the chemistry of choice for electric vehicle traction power. They offer the best combination of safety, power, energy duration, durability, and cost. Although the majority of automobiles with traction batteries on the road have nickel metal hydride (NiMH) cells, most new production vehicles will be shipped with Li-ion batteries in the coming years.”

Navigant expects the industry to produce 49 GWh of battery capacity for vehicles in 2020, a more than tenfold increase over 2013.

Navigant’s Leaderboard ranks the various vendors according to their strategy and execution. Its three “Leaders,” which receive top marks in both categories, are LG Chem, JCI and AESC


Source: Navigant