Myth Busters: Breaking Down EV Fleet Infrastructure

Presented by:

  • Andrew Taddoni, Director, Business Development & Product Management, EVSE, Leviton Manufacturing

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Jun 10, 2024, 11:45 am EDT

With the rapid growth of EV charging and so much buzz around fleets – it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But the truth is that implementing and managing a smart fleet infrastructure is more accessible than it might seem. Join Leviton Manufacturing’s Director Andrew Taddoni, where he will dispel common myths surrounding EV charging for fleets and best practices for moving forward.

Register for this webinar to learn more about:
• Identifying proper EV charging fleet solutions
• Understanding the split between Level 2 and DC applications
• The main myths we are seeing in this space and the simple solutions: investment requirements, load management, panel size, service and support
• Other key electrical solutions required aside from charging stations
• How Leviton can help

Now available to watch on-demand: Register for this webinar to watch a recording of the presentation and audience Q&A, and download the presentation slides.

All Sessions: June 2024 Infrastructure Conference

June 10-12, 2024 
All sessions are now available to view on-demand. Register for a session below to watch the recording and download the presentation. This virtual event spanned all things EV charging in two main tracks:

Track 1: Deploying EV Infrastructure & Fleets
Content for fleet/facility managers, charging network operators, public transport planners, etc.

Track 2: Design & Manufacturing of Charging Systems
Content for engineers who are building, testing, and manufacturing charging systems.


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