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Eos Energy launches energy storage project with zinc-based battery modules

Eos Energy, a provider of zinc-powered energy storage systems, has announced a $500-million planned expansion to build 8 GWh of clean energy storage production capacity by 2026.

Project AMAZE (American Made Zinc Energy) aims to use the Eos Z3 energy storage system to meet the demand for long-term energy storage driven by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). The Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office (DOE LPO) confirmed a $398.6-million conditional commitment for a loan guarantee that would support 80% of Eos’s planned expansion. 

The Z3 battery modules store electrical energy through zinc deposition. An aqueous electrolyte is held within the individual cells, creating a pool that separates electrodes dynamically. During charge and discharge, ions move through the electrolyte to their respective electrode to donate or accept electrons, generating a bipolar stack current.

Last week, Eos announced the selection of ACRO Automation Systems, a provider of custom-designed automated manufacturing systems, to partner in the design, development and implementation of up to four manufacturing lines.

“The Eos Z3 battery contains predominantly American components and is specifically designed for mass production and meeting low-cost, long-duration, grid-scale stationary energy storage needs,” the company said. 

Source: Eos Energy

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