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Cuberg’s next-gen lithium metal cells show increased cycle life and specific energy

Battery company Cuberg has announced some results from Mobile Power Solutions’s independent testing of its lithium metal pouch cells. According to Cuberg, “Through continued development of its cell technology, Cuberg has achieved a near-doubling of cycle life of its cells alongside improvement in energy and power.”

“Cuberg’s first generation of cell technology was validated by the U.S. Department of Energy in 2020 and reached 370 cycles with 80% capacity retention with a C/2 charging rate (2-hour charge) in a 5 Ah cell,” says the company. “The latest results reach 672 cycles with the same charging rate and 80% capacity retention limit in a 5 Ah cell format.”

The next generation also offers a boost in energy. “Previously, to achieve up to 1,600 W/kg continuous power, the specific energy of the cell would be around 240 Wh/kg,” according to the test report. “The latest generation of Cuberg cells demonstrate 265 Wh/kg at higher discharge rates.”

Cuberg plans to develop a 20 Ah version of the technology for aviation applications and to scale up manufacturing of cells. “Cuberg is engaged with several customers from the aviation industry who require batteries that achieve high energy density, power, and cycle life simultaneously,” says the company.

“I am proud of what the Cuberg team has accomplished today, and I am equally excited for the road ahead as we work towards delivering cells to our customers from our first commercial manufacturing line,” says founder and CEO of Cuberg Richard Wang.

Cuberg says its cells can be produced with lithium-ion cell production equipment. “This contributes to faster and lower cost of scale-up of the technology while providing future upgrade opportunities for lithium-ion gigafactories being deployed around the world,” says the company.

Source: Cuberg


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