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CIE’s MonoLith Battery System is designed for versatility

Colorado-based CIE Solutions builds a range of custom battery packs for specialized applications. Its new MonoLith Battery System is a versatile and scalable battery pack that can be customized to fit into a vast variety of motive and stationary applications.

The MonoLith features a flat-pack design, a liquid-cooled architecture and sophisticated internal logic controls.​ It’s available in two distinct configurations to cater to different needs: the Energy Pack, designed for sustained energy output with a 2C continuous discharge rate; and the Power Pack, crafted for high-current applications with an 11C continuous rate of discharge.

At the core of the MonoLith’s adaptability is its CAN-configurable BMS, which can be tailored to integrate with any Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) or system messaging architecture.

Even the dimensions of the MonoLith can be customized. The system has a low-profile fixed height (170 mm), but its length and width can be configured to customer specifications (from 856 to 1,996 mm long, and from 512 to 2,000 mm wide). Mounting solutions are also completely customizable. External T-slots on the sidewalls of the pack allow it to be attached to a vehicle chassis with custom brackets or mounting plates. CIE will even help design custom brackets.

The structural integrity of the MonoLith is another feature. Constructed with high-strength aluminum, it boasts a rigid skeletal design that enables it to be used as a structural component.

Best of all, the plug-and-play pack can be delivered quickly. CIE says that, after consulting with a customer, the first pack can be designed and built in 8-12 weeks, and subsequent packs can be available in less than 2 weeks.

Source: CIE Solutions

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