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Navigant Research crowns LG Chem as the Li-ion leader

A recent Leaderboard Report from Navigant Research examines the strategy and execution of eight leading EV battery manufacturers. Navigant puts LG Chem in first place, followed closely by Panasonic and Samsung SDI. A rung below these “Leaders” are what Navigant calls “Contenders,” including AESC, BYD, Johnson Controls and A123. Navigant projects the global market for… Read more »

Samsung SDI opens EV battery plant in China

Samsung SDI has completed a new EV battery plant in the Gaoxin Industrial District in Xi’an, in the Shaanxi Province of China. The company claims the title of first global battery manufacturer to construct an EV battery plant in China. The Xi’an plant began production in September, and is delivering batteries to automakers including bus… Read more »

Samsung unveils new higher-capacity e-bike battery packs

Samsung SDI has unveiled several new types of Li-ion battery packs, including a 500 Wh e-bike pack that can deliver a range of 100 km. Another new battery pack for e-bikes is equipped with 21700-type batteries, which have higher energy capacity than previous cylindrical cells. Samsung hopes to make it the new standard in small cylindrical… Read more »

Audi targets Tesla Model X with all-electric 311-mile e-tron quattro

In May, Audi said that it is developing “a sporty SUV with electric drive,” to be launched in 2018 (the company also plans to sell two plug-in SUV models in Asia in 2016). Now Audi has released teaser images of its e-tron quattro concept, which will be unveiled next month at the International Motor Show (IAA) 2015… Read more »

Samsung says it can immediately double capacity of Li-ion batteries

Samsung Electronics has developed a silicon carbide-free graphene coating that it says could immediately double the capacity of lithium-ion batteries. That would be an impressive feat indeed, considering that capacity has increased only twofold since Li-ion batteries were first commercialized in 1991. Many researchers are investigating the potential of silicon as an anode material, but… Read more »

Sources say Samsung to provide battery packs for BMW X5

Industry sources expect Samsung SDI to provide battery packs for BMW’s upcoming X5 Plug-in Hybrid SUV, according to Korean news agency Yonhap. In July 2014, BMW and Samsung agreed to expand their supply relationship. The Korean company’s battery cells power the BMW i3 and i8, and market research firm IHS expects Samsung to increase shipments… Read more »

Tesla and Samsung to expand battery partnership?

Tesla and Samsung are talking about expanding their battery partnership, industry officials have told the Korea Times. “With Tesla seeking to diversify its battery sourcing channels beyond its key partner Panasonic, Samsung SDI will have greater room to supply more EV batteries to Tesla,” said an unnamed source. Samsung is expected to supply about 8… Read more »

Samsung invests in Solid-state battery-maker Seeo, sets sights on 400 Wh/kg

Seeo, a developer of lithium polymer batteries, has closed its largest funding round to date, adding Samsung Ventures to its list of investors. The company will use the new capital to accelerate the commercialization of its high-energy-density batteries. Seeo’s patented DryLyte solid polymer electrolyte is non-flammable and non-volatile, and delivers high energy density. Currently, Seeo… Read more »

BMW and Samsung expand supply agreement for battery cells

BMW and Samsung SDI plan to expand their supply relationship for EV battery cells. The two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding that includes an increase in quantities delivered as well as further technological development of battery cells. BMW produces high-voltage batteries for the i3, i8 and other future hybrid vehicles at its plant… Read more »

Ford and Samsung research lithium-ion/lead-acid dual-battery system

Electric powertrain technology is gradually creeping into legacy gas-powered vehicles. Ford and Samsung have announced that they are researching a dual-battery system that combines a lithium-ion battery with a 12-volt lead-acid battery in order to enable regenerative braking technology in non-hybrid vehicles. “We are currently expanding our Auto Start-Stop technology across 70 percent of our… Read more »