BMZ orders $1 billion worth of Samsung Li-ion cells for European EVs

Samsung SDI High-performance 18650 battery

Battery system manufacturer BMZ is launching a long-term cooperation with Samsung SDI, and plans to order just under $1 billion worth of Li-ion cells over the next five years.

BMZ says its European automotive customers will double their EV production volumes in the coming year, and is responding by expanding manufacturing capacity of its Li-ion battery systems.

BMZ is headquartered in Germany, with production facilities in China, Poland and the US, as well as offices in Japan and France.


Source: BMZ via Green Car Congress




  • freedomev

    That is only about 100Mwh, 200k EVs of 50kwh each assuming $114/kwh.
    While always smart given the coming cell crunch, isn’t that big a deal considering how many EVs need to be made just next yr. They must have small customers.

  • earl colby pottinger

    Correct me if I am wrong, but this sounds like a middle-man, they buy the cells that Samsung sells markup to make a profit. They then assembly them into batteries and sell them to the car companies with a markup to make a profit, the car sellers than sell the cars with a markup to make a profit.

    It will work, but it will not give the consumers the best price possible.