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Russian firm to offer natural gas-powered EV charging in London

Two Russian firms—software developer 4xxi and charger manufacturer L-Charge—are collaborating to create an off-grid EV charging network in London that’s scheduled to be launched this year. L-Charge’s “rapidly scalable off-grid ultra-fast chargers” use energy from locally-stored fossil fuels rather than the electrical grid. L-Charge has tested a mobile gas-powered charging station in Moscow, and plans… Read more »

Russian startup develops LNG- and hydrogen-powered off-grid EV charger

Russian based startup L-Charge has developed an off-grid EV charger that can be powered by liquid natural gas (LNG), hydrogen, or a mixture of the two—the ratio can be adjusted depending on regulations and fuel prices. The company is marketing its charger not only as a way to provide charging in locations where grid power… Read more »

L-Charge demonstrates LNG-powered off-grid EV chargers

Charging technology developer L-Charge has demonstrated a fully working prototype of its gas-powered off-grid charging station. L-Charge’s system offers a charging power range of 250-600 kW, and comes in two versions—stationary and mobile. Designed for highways, gas stations, and parking lots, L-Charge’s stationary charger requires no connection to an external power grid—it runs on an… Read more »