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The Bolt EV is on the way, but GM has no plans to invest in fast charging infrastructure

The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV is the hero of the hour – reviewers who checked out the production version at the recent Consumer Electronics Show were impressed, and pundits have been hailing it as the EV that could finally break into the mainstream. But one part of the picture seems to be missing. Many believe… Read more »

LG will supply much more than batteries for the Bolt

GM and LG have a real bromance going. The Korean electronics giant has been supplying key components of the Detroit automaker’s OnStar telematics system since 2007. Battery subsidiary LG Chem was the sole supplier of battery cells for the first-generation Volt. The two buddies will collaborate even more deeply on the upcoming Bolt 200-mile EV…. Read more »

2016 Chevy Volt: GM’s top electrification engineers on designing the all-new EREV

When the Chevrolet Volt was launched at the end of 2010, I must confess that I gave it little chance of success. It seemed like an awkward compromise – buyers who wanted to go electric would surely prefer a pure EV, and buyers who weren’t ready to take that plunge had every reason to stick… Read more »

Chevrolet Bolt EV “for everyone” except those in right-hand-drive countries?

It’s the most important question about any new EV: is its maker serious about selling it, or is it just another compliance car or halo model? One clue to an automaker’s intentions is whether the EV is offered for sale in all markets, not just in California. It’s probably far too early to make predictions… Read more »

Chevy Bolt EV on its way to the masses – not the elite

True to its namesake, the Chevy Bolt EV seems to be moving through the pipeline at an impressive speed, at least by auto-industry standards. The company recently revealed that it has built 55 pre-production Bolts, which are handily delivering the desired 200 miles of range. GM also announced that it will invest $245 million and… Read more »

GM Exec: Low oil prices won’t stop our plans for electrification, MPG targets make it inevitable

How will low oil prices affect the growth in vehicle electrification? It’s a question we’ve heard a lot since the price of crude began to plummet about six months ago. A few studies have come out recently that find cheap oil has little or no effect on PEV sales. It seems that either buyers don’t… Read more »

Meanwhile, Chevrolet unveils a substantially improved 2016 Volt

Unveiling the new Bolt and Volt (or is it Volt and Bolt?) together doesn’t seem like the smartest of marketing moves – the game-changing new 200-mile electric hatchback is bound to steal some thunder from the upgraded practical plug-in sedan, and that would be a shame, because the improvements to the Volt are worth trumpeting…. Read more »