EV Connect and GM aim to enhance Bolt drivers’ charging experience

EV Connect and GM will partner to improve the charging experience of Chevrolet Bolt drivers by providing real-time charging station data, including updates on the status of chargers. The data will be used in future versions of the myChevrolet app.

Jordan Ramer, founder and CEO of EV Connect, said, “For society to fully realize all the benefits of EVs, we have to reduce range and charging anxiety by giving drivers access to charging and information about chargers, no matter where they travel.”

Doug Parks, GM VP of Autonomous and Electric Vehicle Programs, said, “To achieve our vision of a world with zero emissions and to improve the EV driver experience, we are working towards a frictionless customer solution for EVs and chargers.”

Source: EV Connect

  • Guy Hall

    Doug Parks, GM VP: “…improve the EV driver experience, we are working towards a frictionless customer solution for EVs and chargers.” Hummm. I wonder if anyone could show him how this could done…

    • Guy Hall

      Alright, I’ll admit that was a bit snarky, but I expect they’ve see the superb, and often unrecognized, solution tesla has delivered. And to be honest there are so many possibilities. Who would have predicted the coupling of karaoke and EV charging?

      • Lance Pickup

        I do think even the Tesla solution could be improved, however. When navigating to a Supercharger, it would be nice to see real-time utilization data for the Supercharger. You can sort of do this in the car, but it’s a bit kludgy. When navigating with abetterrouteplanner.com last month, sometimes it would display a live stall utilization map right on the display that updated live (I didn’t have to scroll around on the map or anything to find it). But then other times the display didn’t appear at all (not sure if the issue was on the ABRP or Tesla end).

        And then upon arrival at the Supercharger, it would be nice to see power data on each stall to get an idea of which ones might be the best to pair with (at a busy Supercharger). Or even have the nav system or app suggest a stall to use.

        It’s a good solution, but certainly not perfect yet.

        • Guy Hall

          Good suggestions, particularly related to find best open stall.

  • Ted

    Boy he talks like a politician and never says anything.