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Vitesco Technologies develops new power module for EV inverters

Vitesco Technologies, a drive and electrification solutions provider, is developing a transfer-molded power module for EV inverters.

During the transfer molding process, the power electronics are sealed under a dielectric material that protects the components, making them robust, cost-effective and reliable, the company said. The power module consists of three over-molded half-bridges, and forms the core of an inverter system, which controls the drive energy and the energy recovery (recuperation) in high-voltage EVs. 

Vitesco will manufacture the power modules at its Nuremberg electronics plants and supply them to a major automaker starting in mid-2025. The overmold power modules combine silicon carbide (SiC) chip technology with overmolding for higher power density, lower cost and reduced weight.

“A very deep system competence is necessary to ensure that a sub-module of this kind, which forms the core of the inverter, can be successfully integrated into the full system,” said Michael Horbel, Head of Product and Platform Management for High-voltage Inverters at Vitesco Technologies. “Our degree of electronics modularity and scalability enables us to offer more flexibility in terms of customer-specific interfaces.”

Source: Vitesco Technologies


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