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Tesla Model S gets a nose job, higher charging level…and a higher price tag

Tesla Model S Update 2

Amid all the excitement about the new Model X and the upcoming Model 3, Tesla hasn’t forgotten its flagship sedan. The company has made several updates to Model S, including the first major styling changes since it went into production in 2012.

Unlike other automakers, Tesla doesn’t bother with model years – it simply makes additions and upgrades when they’re ready. The company has made frequent software updates, and at least one major redesign of the hardware – the D package, revealed in 2014, which added autopilot-enabling hardware and optional all-wheel-drive.

The most noticeable change is a new look for Model S’s front end. The oval faux grill is gone, replaced by a front panel that looks more like that of the new X and 3. The headlights look cooler too, and now feature “14 three-position LED dynamic turning lights” that are designed to improve visibility at night.

Tesla Model S

Tesla has increased the capacity of the onboard charger from 40 to 48 amps, allowing faster charging at stations that support the higher current level.

The HEPA air-filtration system introduced on the Model X, which Tesla says removes “99.97 percent of particulate exhaust pollution and effectively all allergens, bacteria, and other contaminants from cabin air,” is now available on the S as an option.

These improvements come with a price hike. Tesla has confirmed that prices for all versions of Model S have been increased by $1,500 (there’s also a mandatory delivery fee of $1,200).

“The slight increase in cost of the refreshed Model S reflects the functional improvements and updated styling,” said Tesla spokesperson Alexis Georgeson.


Source: Tesla, Green Car Reports


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