OXIS Energy to build lithium-sulfur battery plant in Brazil

Battery manufacturer OXIS Energy will establish a plant in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, for the mass production of its lithium-sulfur (Li-S) cells to be used for aviation, defense, and EV applications. The construction of the plant was funded by Codemge Participacoes, a public company in Belo Horizonte, for $60 million.

The plant will aim to produce 5 million Li-S cells per year by the mid 2020s. Phase 1 of the plant, to be completed in 2022, will aim for a capacity of 2 million cells per year. The cells have a theoretical specific energy of 2,600 Wh/kg, though so far OXIS has achieved only 400 Wh/kg. The company is targeting 500 Wh/kg for 2019.

OXIS will pursue two types of Ultra Light Li-S cells, each with a nominal voltage of 2.1 V and capacity of 20 Ah. The first, a high-energy-density cell with over 500 Wh/kg, will be used for small electric aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, and high-altitude pseudo-satellites. The second, a high-power cell with over 400 Wh/kg, will be used for EV applications and electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft.

“The decision made by Codemge to invest alongside OXIS to develop and build the first ever lithium-sulfur cell technology manufacturing plant is of great significance to the widespread adoption of pure electric vehicles for worldwide consumption,” said OXIS CEO Huw Hampson-Jones.


Source: OXIS Energy via Green Car Congress

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