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NEO Battery Materials develops a uniform nanocoating manufacturing technique

NEO Battery Materials, a silicon anode material manufacturer, has created a nanocoating manufacturing technique with its patented NBMSiDE silicon anode materials.

NEO can create uniform nanocoating layers from uniformly-coated silicon particles to improve NBMSiDE’s performance. NBMSiDE capacity retention was previously poor due to the mechanical degradation of non-uniform coatings. NEO says that this uniform nanocoating manufacturing will allow robust capacity retention and coating thickness control during commercial testing, and its optimized one-step process can provide 70% cheaper silicon anodes than competitors. The process makes it possible to produce uniform coatings on spherical and edged silicon particles.

“Achieving uniform coating layers on the nano-scale is a difficult task for a company of any size that handles chemical products,” said Dr. S.G. Kim, CTO of NEO. “Especially for NEO, our metal silicon inputs take on a plate-shaped structure, which adds to the technical hurdle of enabling uniform coatings. However, by achieving this uniform coating capability through an additional solution process, we have made an accomplishment and have amassed great interest from third-party industry experts and players.”

Source: NEO Battery Materials

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