Danish charging network orders 50 CCS fast chargers from ABB

Danish charging network operator CLEVER has ordered 50 CCS-compatible Terra 53 DC fast chargers from ABB. This follows an earlier order of 50 ABB DC fast chargers, and brings CLEVER’s nationwide network of DC fast chargers to 100 locations.

Existing Japanese EVs, such as the Nissan LEAF and Mitsubishi i-MiEV, use the CHAdeMO fast charging standard, while newer European models, such as the BMW i3 and (perhaps someday) the VW e-UP! use the CSS standard. The first commercial CCS fast charger in Denmark went into service earlier this month at a Shell station.

“CLEVER’s strategy is to follow the car and that’s why we establish charging stations for all types of electric vehicles available in the Danish market,” said CLEVER CEO Lars Bording. “This means that you can always be sure that there are fast charging stations in our network to match your electric vehicle.”

“We are very pleased that CLEVER chose ABB as a supplier for its network expansion following the excellent performance in the earlier rollout of 50 stations in 2013,” said ABB’s Pekka Tiitinen. “A nationwide fast-charging network at petrol stations is key to encourage car drivers to switch to electric vehicles.”


Source: ABB


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