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Where do drivers charge when they can charge at work? EV Project offers answers.

The EV Project, which deployed over 12,000 EV charging stations across the US, and collected charging data on 8,300 LEAFs, Volts, and smart fortwo EDs, has amassed what is surely the world’s largest database of EV driver charging behavior, representing almost 125 million miles of driving and 4 million charging events over 2 years. Since… Read more »

Kohl’s to install charging stations at 33 stores across the US

Charging your EV could become a free perk of shopping, if more merchants follow the lead of Kohl’s Department Stores. The nationwide chain announced Thursday that it will install charging stations at 33 of its stores in 11 states. Each will have one to four parking spaces reserved for EV drivers to charge at no… Read more »

Walmart installs charging stations, Costco rips ‘em out

The EV Project is steadily lining up locations for a network of 14,000 charging stations across the country. This is obviously great news for today’s EV drivers, but the main goal is to gather data that will help planners in the future, when the real work of building a nationwide EV infrastructure gets rolling. The… Read more »